About the company

Since 2011, Continental Plast trademark is owned by IKP LLC.

Our company ranks in the top five of plastic packaging manufacturers in Russia, and we are the major supplier of molded products in North-West Russia. The company makes use of 200+ press molds, both in-house and customer-owned. Thanks to a wide range of injection molding machines with the clamping force varying from 25 to 800 tons, as well as to the extensive molding equipment stock, we can offer contract manufacturing with the existing customers molds or fulfil a turn-key project, from a product drawing or a sample to industrial-scale production. We are ready to arrange press mold construction with reputable European or American manufacturers, and we can find a cost effective Russia-based option, too.

Our production stock includes 50+ equipment units: injection molding machines with the clamping force varying from 25 to 800 tons, as well as extrusion blow molding, offset printing and in-mold labeling (ILM) machines. In terms of output capacity, our blow molding and printing production sites are the largest in North-West Russia.

Our companys ambition is to work in accordance with global standards. We offer efficient top quality production, attention to the customers, professional excellence of the staff, and certification under international standards.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We want to remain one of the most competitive companies at the Russian market of modern top quality plastic packaging.

Our Mission

We produce the most top quality plastic packaging. We offer competitive prices and premium service based on partnership relations with every customer, thus satisfying our customers requirements as much as possible through continuous technology advancement, development of every employees potential and the companys output capacity, along with ensuring appropriate profits to the company members and fair relations with the staff.


The overriding guideline of our company is personalized experience for every customer. We try to consider every wish of our customers, both large international companies and minor local entities. We maintain a focus on every order irrespective of its amount. Our modern quality control system and high production levels make it possible for us to favorably compete with foreign plastic packaging manufacturers.


Our company works with 500+ customers in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The list of our customers includes many reputed enterprises like Tikkurila, Henkel, VGT, Eskaro Chemical AS, Lakra, Rusagro Group, NMGK Group, and many more.

Our products can be used as varnishes and paint packaging, edibles, household and automotive chemicals.


Our production site is located in St. Petersburg, Kolomyagi industrial district (10 km away from the Ring Road, 20 km away from the port, 150 km away from the EU border).

Our production site comprises three facilities an injection molding workshop, an extrusion blow molding workshop, and an offset printing workshop. All the sites are equipped with modern machines from the top world manufacturers injection molding machines Husky (Canada), Demag (Germany), extrusion blow molding machines Bekum and Kautex (Germany), printing machines KASE-EUROPA, MOSS, and RITT MASCHINEN. Only press molds of European and American manufacturers are used in the production process.

We have an in-house tool department and competent maintenance staff, which facilitate timely maintenance and repair, as it may be required. Our structural engineers are ready to implement any of the projects required by the customers.

Quality Control

We have an in-house laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art testing and analytical tools. Quality control is performed in several stages, from acceptance control of raw materials, masterbatches and materials delivered to the site, to shipment of finished products. Supply quality and compliance certificates are accounted. The company conducts a policy of working with manufacturers directly, thus minimizing procurement costs and reducing risks of accepting low quality materials.

Quality of all the products complies with the Technical Conditions and is confirmed with TR CU Declaration 005/2011 On Safety of Packaging. The quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 by Global Group, an international Great Britain-based company. Canister of 10 l is provided with certificate of packaging compliance with international and national regulations on hazardous cargoes transportation.


Products can be shipped both for customer pickup at the companys St. Petersburg-based warehouse or delivered to any region of Russia and the CIS.


1997 The plastic packaging import company established in St. Petersburg.

1998 The company acquired and put into operation two first extrusion blow molding machines, opening the way to in-house production.

1999 Annual turnover exceeded $1 million.

2000 A sales office opened in Moscow.

2003 The first flexographic printing machine for container decoration put into operation.

2004 Quadriga Capital Investment Fund is a member of the company's shareholders.

2005 Export sales to Belarus commenced.

2006 $30 million mark hit, new customers found in Latvia and Kazakhstan.

2008 A new production department opened in Moscow (the injection molding and printing workshop).

2012 A new warehouse opened in St. Petersburg.


Portfolio and reviews

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VGT Company

LLC VGT Enterprise offers for sale in Russia and the CIS countries a wide range of self-made paint and varnish products - paints, enamels, primers, pigments and other acrylic products.

Company Eskaro

The Eskaro Russia division is part of the Eskaro Group AB, an international coatings manufacturing company. In terms of production organization, Eskaro Russia holds a leading position among the companies producing paint and varnish materials in the Russian Federation.


LAKRA Group of Companies is one of the largest Russian manufacturers and distributors of decorative paintwork. All products of the company are manufactured in factories of Russia, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, France, Canada using Western industrial technologies.


The production of sauces and fats of the Group is represented by the enterprise EZK, located in Yekaterinburg. The plant is among the five largest Russian enterprises in the industry and occupies one of the leading positions in the CIS market.

KIILTO Company

KIILTO was established in Tampere, Finland, in 1919. KIILTO is engaged in the development and production of adhesives for various fields of industry and construction, mortars, fillers, primers, sealants, parquet varnishes, waterproofing materials, materials for cleaning and maintenance of coatings.

NPP Novye-tehnologii

Company 10 years on the market. Engaged in the production of water-emulsion paint. Delivers finished products throughout Russia. Brands TM Malina Chemicals, TM New Technologies, TM Wave


Currently, the Chemical Food Grade Aromatics Plant is the largest Russian producer of flavorings for the food industry, has a developed dealer network in the largest cities of Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States.


High quality syrups and fruit drinks GEDONIA, containing only natural ingredients, give a new sense of taste of life, awaken desires, dreams and emotions.


Resmix is a professional building materials for serious tasks: repair and restoration work, waterproofing and strengthening of structures and soils.

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The company "IKP" confirmed compliance with the requirements of the international standard

The company "IKP" successfully confirmed the compliance of its Quality Management System with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 during the next audit.

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The company "IKP" confirmed compliance with the requirements of the international standard

The company "IKP" successfully confirmed the compliance of its Quality Management System with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 during the next audit.

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