Customized products manufacturing

Изготовление индивидуальных изделий

Thanks to a wide range of injection molding machines with the clamping force varying from 25 to 800 tons, as well as to the extensive molding equipment stock, we can offer contract manufacturing with the existing customer’s molds or fulfil a turn-key project, from a product drawing or a sample to industrial-scale production. We are ready to arrange press mold construction with reputable European or American manufacturers, and we can find a cost effective Russia-based option, too. Customers can buy press molds on their own, with technical assistance from our company, or we can invest in the equipment and depreciate its value in the cost of the finished products.

We’ll calculate product manufacturing costs and costs associated with the press mold itself (and in case it is already available, the costs associated with adjustment and the necessary trials). Shall the project be localized in Russia, we’ll undertake its optimization: choose Russian-made analogues of raw materials and develop domestic masterbatches. During the contract product manufacturing period, we’ll maintain the customer-owned technological equipment free of charge (including inspection and routine maintenance). If the press mold is broken or deteriorated, we can engage our service engineers (as the company has its own department) or some third party contractors.

In accordance with the customer’s preferences, we can use customer-owned materials (raw materials, masterbatches, packing, labels) or purchase them on our own.