Bucket 5,8 liters NEW

Νξβξε βεδπξ 5,8 λ.
Dear partners, we are pleased to present a new product in our line - a bucket of 5.8 liters. The benefits of this bucket include: • it is completed with two lids: a lid for hermetic closing and a lid for sealing; • suitable for packaging food and non-food products; • the possibility of coloring in any color; • Possibility to decorate a base and a lid using offset printing or IML labels; • it is completed with plastic or metal handle; • optimal combination of wall thickness and mechanical strength; • suitable for use on automated filling lines. Advantages of 5.8 L buckets with sealable lid: • suitable for sealing with a protective film on high-speed automated lines; • aseptic packaging on automated lines without human intervention; • suitable for modified atmosphere packaging, which increases the shelf life of packaged products; • complete tightness: the presence of a protective film prevents accidental opening of the bucket during storage and transportation; • protection against intentional opening; • increase the shelf life of the product and enables transportation over longer distances; • environmentally friendly packaging; • the possibility of recycling.